Pandemic Architecture, an International Ideas Competition curated by the Design Ambassador for,  invited the creative community to open up a dialogue and create a think tank, looking for ideas from the architectural and design community about the future of the living, the workspace, the public space and the tourism industry after the outbreak of Covid-19.

C-Booth was longlisted in top 100 out of 440 projects.

-text by the authors


C for contemplation,
C for calorie burn,
C for cycling and
C for care

Pandemics are a time of uncertainty.
Therefore Pandemics are a time of fear.
Marie Curie said:
“Nothing is to be feared only to be understood”
Carl Jung said that in times of fear we encapsulate ourselves like fetuses.
And it is a fact that in times of anxiety we take the fetal position, like if we are trying to turn back to the time when we were protected.

Although according to Jung the womb is not very certain. It is dark and scary, and we depend on someone else – yet it is the only source of information, it is where we figure out ourselves and thrive. So it is only natural to isolate ourselves in times of pandemic. We isolate to find shelter.
So in times like these, just like fetuses we should use it to thrive.


While she ached in pain and in the agonies of childbirth, it was said to Mary while she was secluded.
“Eat and drink and be glad”


Furthermore these time can send us through depression, things about Churchill knew a thing or two:
“If you are going through hell, keep going”
So the point is not to stop and despair. As Aristotle said:
“Life is movement”

Cycling/Calorie burn

So to eat and drink, keep moving and meditate during these times isolations is a path that great minds and spirits did.
And we all did as fetuses.
And we thrived!

Facts & Credits
Participant  Vlera Serhati
Country  Kosovo

The project was longlisted in top 100 out of 440 projects.

The impact of Pandemic Architecture competition on the international architectural community was astonishing, with the number of registrations to exceed 800, with the final proposals to exceed 400 and with participants from more than 60 different countries.
Results will be officially announced on the 20th of September.


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