studiomateriality‘s latest project is the renovation of KUDU coffee shop in Neo Psichiko creating a wild yet metropolitan space with attitude embraced by soft hues of the green palette.

-text by Ioannis Argiris

We like our coffee just how we like our design. With attitude! This pretty much sums up yet another project by studiomateriality, this time for KUDU Coffee Roasters. The KUDU team believes that the pursuit of coffee is a lifelong trip of discovery and sophistication, and the renovation of their coffee shop makes it an unforgettable pitstop along that journey. The mural banners enhanced by the use of jungle-like plants work as an instant gateway to all the exotic places the KUDU team travels to, in order to gather their coffee brews.    

Nothing is left to chance, as every nook and cranny is embraced by soft hues of the green palette.    

Although the project brings KUDU back to its roots, studiomateriality makes sure to give it a metropolitan twist.

The use of modern furniture, such as the sittings, gives a fresh industrial flavour to the overall project. The rails in front of the counter strengthen that as they create the perfect frame for an IG shot. The very same rails combine the look and feel of a building’s foundation and the interconnectivity of jungle trees. And that is on how you create a visual playground ladies and gents. And without further ado, smells like your coffee is ready!


Facts & Credits
Project title  KUDU coffee shop
Typology  Retail, commercial 
Location  25th Martiou 22, Neo Psichiko, Athens, Greece
Area  34m2   
Status  Completed – March 2021
Design  studiomateriality
Lead Designer  Miltos Kontogiannis
Design team  Serafeim Pappas
Photography  Alina Lefa
Text  Ioannis Argiris

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