Wild Souls, a new space designed by studiomateriality will drive clean eaters from all around Athens uber-wild.

-text by the author

Studiomateriality designed a new store in Voulis street which one can describe as a pure source of wild energy or a new interpretation of space in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Athens. Its name? Wild Souls. 

Inspired by the unprocessed, pure and plant-based food, vegetables and nuts that has to offer, this new urban gem not only will boost our bodies but also will feed our souls.

Passing by Wild Souls, the monochromatic interior catches the eye and feels truly eye-candy for your Instagram feed. Terracotta-orange paint has been applied across the dropped ceiling, splashback, cabinetry and kitchen island across the shop. Cactus plants are decorating the shelves whilst colour-blocking with the earthy surfaces.

The designers focused on simple, aesthetic alterations that would give a fresh sense of the space without moving walls. The store consists of a narrow horizontal space that ends to a garden and both sides showcase the freshly made products and snacks. Across the store, the white marble-lous bar will work as a white canvas that will highlight all the delicious yet healthy brunch and all-day dishes and meals.

Healthy snacks made by nut butters, a great variety of vegan cheeses, superfood bowls, fresh-cut salads, delicious sandwiches along with coffee and wine are some of the signature culinary things that a customer can taste in Wild Souls. The welcoming quote on the wall of the store is loud and clear.

If you were born to eat wild “Wild Souls” is the right spot for you daily clean eating habits. And who knows? There is a chance to meet your -wild- soulmate.


Facts & Credits
Project title  Wild Souls
Location  Voulis 36, Syntagma, Athens
Area  60m2  groundfloor + 30m2  1st  floor
Status  Completed, October 2019
Design  studiomateriality
Lead designer  Miltos Kontogiannis
Design team  Nancy Karagianni
3D Visualisation  Nicolas Hadjipourganis
Graphics  Sarah Sainidou
Text  Gaia Deligianni
Photography  Alina Lefa