Melina Arvaniti-Pollatou

SINCE 2018

Melina Arvaniti-Pollatou was born in Athens. She holds a Diploma of Architecture from the University of Patras (2015) and is currently attending the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programme «Architectural Design – Space – Culture _Theory of Knowledge in Architecture», at National Technical University of Athens. During her studies, she participated in various workshops and competitions and worked as an intern architect in various architectural offices in Greece. She joined the Archisearch Editorial Team in September 2018.

Her interests include theory and philosophy around modern city as well as on architectural practice itself. Her major projects were unfolded in different areas, ranging from architecture to art practices, urban culture, field and network interventions and politics of memory. Her current research activity is centered on space qualities and practices which contribute to the process of constructing social identities through the existing architectural, housing policies.