During the first lockdown period, Archistart Studio conducted WFH2020 Data analysis, a survey intending to analyse how people are facing working from home. In addition, the studio promoted an international ideas competition on the coexistence between living and working. Both results of the survey and competition winners have been announced!

-text by the authors

The current situation, dictated by the international health crisis represents an occasion to reflect on remote work and on the sustainability of carrying out our work inside our homes.

Most of the interviewed are working from home and they believe that smartworking will spread more and will continue even after the emergency.

The answers lead to the definition of interesting patterns ranging from age, job field and living conditions. All answers from the survey have been summarized in a report which can be visualized and downloaded from Archistart’s website. This report stands as a documentation to make deeper reflections on this topic and inspire new living solutions.

Read the report, here!

Beside this survey Archistart also promoted an international competition, addressed to young architects, engineers and designers, inviting them to experiment future visions on the coexistence between living and working. 233 young professionals TEAMS under 35 of 40 different nationalities took part in the competition. 


Project title  Through the Garden Wall
Team  ALL – Ştefan Sălăvăstru, Loredana Enache, Andreea Petre, Laura Ichim
Country  Romania

Jury’s motivation  The project has imagined an innovative housing solution: internal and external spaces merge creating a space where the green elements and the careful selection of essences mark, together with the functional block, all the actions and needs of the young couple, making every single activity a sensorial “experience”.


Project title  LE PANTHÉON
Team  SASEDELI – Denis Sermaxhaj, Lirim Sabedini
Country  Switzerland

Jury’s motivation  A clear concept project that offers a central space for work and meeting. A simple gesture that through the introduction of steps stimulates unusual uses and relationships, creating residual spaces at the edges that host the service areas. The result is a house with a rich and articulated space crowned by a materiality with a strong and essential character.


Project title  MobMob Living
Team  Sphera – Francesca Berrera, Alessandro Camel Camilloni
Country  Italy

Jury’s motivation A contemporary house with a smart and functional design. A fluid space that changes creating different scenarios with the simple translation of the three functional blocks that characterize the whole project. Moving the functional elements allows to design different scenarios giving the possibility to separate “family time” and “working time” by creating two environments that live together without ever meeting.

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