New Affiliates overhauled a near-derelict tea factory into 7,200sf of mixed-use art studios and galleries in East New York, Brooklyn by rationalizing the existing building while revealing its history.

Ivi Diamantopoulou and Jaffer Kolb, founders of “New Affiliates” studio, will be among the speakers of “New Lives” panel at this year’s ΕΣΩ conference.

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The architects reintroduced systems and structure to an existing and inconsistent envelope while producing two contrasting interior conditions: 12 “white cube” studios and galleries and an almost untouched poche of common spaces, separated by a playful line constantly jogging at 45 degrees.

The building has been appended many times over the past ninety years, leading to a series of idiosyncratic juxtapositions of materials, systems, and structures that are highlighted by the design.

The friction between these contradictions—found and new; rough and clean—reveals itself through material assemblies inside and out.

This current iteration adds to that collection while strategically altering, enlarging and infilling some of the existing apertures: rationalizing the existing building while revealing its history.


Facts & Credits
Project title  East New York Studios, Glenmore
Typology  Renovation, Interiors, Commercial
Location  Brooklyn, New York, USA
Date  2019
Status  Completed
Area  7,200 SF
Architecture  New Affiliates
General contractor  Rigo Management
Millwork  Graham Anderson
Photography  Michael Vahrenwald / Esto

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