Architect Federica Scalise renovated a tiny rooftop flat on the coast of Alimos aiming to the maximum space optimisation possible while incorporating multifunctional custom-made furniture and restoring the apartment’s original architectural features.

-text by the author

Locally known as ‘δώμα’, small rooftop flats are characteristic of the Athenian landscape.

It is also the case for this 23sqm studio on the coast of Alimos, remodelled to create a micro-apartment focusing on optimising all the available space.

The new custom kitchen, integrated into the living room, comes with a shelving system, to create a multifunctional wall that conceals the new built-in bedroom; here, the platform bed is complete with hidden storage and drawers.

In the living area, the space is defined by a custom pine furniture that allows extra storage and works as a dining bench as well as a chaise lounge. Original materials as the wooden floor and concrete beams are brought back on surface and integrated with the new additions.

Facts & Credits
Project title  A tiny flat in Alimos
Typology  Interiors, Renovation, Refurbishment 
Location  Alimos, Athens, Greece
Architect & Supervisor  Federica Scalise
Carpentry / Woodwork  Andreas Moutsanas, Dimitris Vickatos
Photography  Yannis Drakoulidis