Diploma thesis by Dimitra Vani & Fani Miligkou, entitled “Modern Hotel Resort in Skotina, Pieria : joining the sea”, proposes a modern resort located in Skotina Village, Pieria, Greece in a plot which accommodated the former camp of EOT, known during the period 1973-1990 as “Camping Olympus”.

Thesis was presented at the Department of Architecture of Democritus University of Thrace and was supervised by tutors Eleni Amerikanou, Panos Exarchopoulos & Giorgos Papagiannopoulos.

-text by the authors

Key points – Highlights of the design:

  • Categories of roads and trails (main wheeled roads, minor pedestrian and light motor vehicles, pedestrian trails) in cellular structure.
  • Main-Auxiliary Buildings
  • Network routes
  • Energy management (production, storage, consumption)
  • Waste management (collection, treatment, disposal)
  • Rainwater management
  • Shading-Wind protection
  • Customer service – supply, services
  • Storage, protection during winter semester.

The entrance is on the south side and as we head towards the gate we find that it is an almost flat plot with a strong natural element mainly to the side. At the same time, we observe the existence of permanent structures (wet areas, energy storage, public uses such as restaurants, etc.). The immense size of the plot (400 acres) had to be restricted in order to optimally and substantially study the site. Due to this we have therefore delimited with data:

  • Orientation
  • Distance from Aigialos
  • Existing buildings
  • Existing central artery

The proposal:

It is a complete hotel unit with a café-restaurant and a marina. The selection of uses included in our master plan are intended to achieve optimal accessibility of the site. Our goal is access by land and sea. The need for continuous contact with the sea across the plot is interrupted by its near-zero slope. To achieve this union, we created waterways “canals” to the hotel unit. The visitor has the opportunity to browse the area by land and sea.

Our need for maximum preservation of the natural element of space has been a tool in our design. Specifically, the reference to the natural element includes the centuries-old plane trees, the contact with the sea and the general feeling that the building will bring to the space.

The choice of stone reinforced this character and created a locality relation of the band to the area. Lastly, we focused mainly on the ground-floor exploitation of the site in order to avoid the view being cut off by the dense foliage of the trees.

Hotel facilities:

  • 37 rooms-suites of various types
  • spa area
  • breakfast / event room
  • swimming pool and pool bar




Facts & Credits
Project title  Modern Hotel Resort in Skotina, Pieria : joining the sea 
Students  Dimitra Vani, Fani Miligkou
Tutors  Eleni Amerikanou, Panos Exarchopoulos, Giorgos Papagiannopoulos
Course  Diploma thesis
Institution  Department of Architecture, Democritus University of Thrace