Assembling Intimacies: materialisation of dramatised practices to be read | Diploma thesis by Maria Katsageorgiou & Vasilina Papadimitropoulou

Diploma thesis by Maria Katsageorgiou and Vasilina Papadimitropoulou aims to materialise the atmosphere of “inhabiting” and more specifically the one of “inhabiting in Volos”.

-text by the authors

‘Inhabiting in Volos’ is an intimate course of action for us, performed to the verge of the automatic and unconscious. Wanting to get an augmented consciousness of it, we turn to other people’s narratives of inhabiting.

An approach of the inhabiting through the interview can be perceived as its dramatization, that distinguishes and highlights a first story. Therefore, the people’s narratives no longer constitute the inhabiting, but its narrative snapshots, dramatised practices. So, we are led to form some personalities and dramatised practices of their inhabiting. These were the starting material for the spatial research. Keeping the instruction as a tool, we make use of the perceptual content of the verb over the energy and the bodily experience of doing and we shape the practices.

We set our main compositional principles –the surface, the material and the sticker- and from the combined shapes we extract spatial unities for each personality. The orchestration of practices in a plot, provoke us to assemble the personalities in a single structure.

Basically, we aim for an assemblage of snapshots of inhabiting.

In this way, we provoke the confrontation of the intimacies and to achieve a new coexistence balance, we are led to a compositional process, which result is the “boulder”. The assemblage of practices in a materialised story.

Principal tools of the whole compositional process were the bidirectional relation between writing and space formation and the tactile processing. The experience working with materials and objects contribute to an associative transfer to the real space. Reading the materialised shapes leads to the writing of the practices. Correspondingly, reading of the practices directs the spatial composition. This bidirectional process can potentially generate new practices and space all the time. The boulder is the pause at the stage where a single structure has emerged and the defining of this last spatial assemblage. 


The whole research, if perceived in a systematized aspect, consists a spatial composition methodology.

Subtracting it from the context that we set, we like the idea that it could be applied to other fields too. Influenced by the story, the narrative, the performative tools of the whole process, we consider theater as a possible application field. Having the imaginary characters the methodology would lead to a formulation of script simultaneously with its scenographic space. On the other hand it could be the basis in a realistic context, for the spatial composition, triggering a rapprochement of given spatial conditions.

Facts & Credits
Project title  Assembling Intimacies: Materialisation of dramatised practices to be read
Students  Maria Katsageorgiou, Vasilina Papadimitropoulou
Supervisor  Zisis Kotionis
Date  June 2020
Course  Diploma thesis
Institution  Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly

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