Pandemic Architecture, an International Ideas Competition curated by the Design Ambassador for,  invited the creative community to open up a dialogue and create a think tank, looking for ideas from the architectural and design community about the future of the living, the workspace, the public space and the tourism industry after the outbreak of Covid-19.

Pan Home was shortlisted in top 50 out of 440 projects.

It is evident how global trial CORONA virus has unveiled all our human frailty.
Helpless before it, we couldn’t but wait and abandon the frantic, noisy and productive
life we knew, to get into a much vaster territory, made up of suspension and expansion of time, of uncertainty, to put together the fragments of our previous lives.
We have lost our
perception of reality and of our-selves, in such a condition that time was never enough and we were totally involved in a world where only productivity mattered and there was no free time to devote to ourselves.

All this leads us to wonder now whether our so regretted daily routine made us really free.
Do we really need to work all the time to buy a new mobile phone, more clothes and new cars, which produce incredible amounts of waste? And what about our difficulty in cope boredom? From our small flats, we witness the
impressive success of the virtual world on what we perceive as real and see the squares and the public places which are all of a sudden totally desert.

Thanks to this emergency, we have registered that the decrease of production and of travels has had as a consequence a visible and undeniable
reduction of pollution; after this troubled period of forced slowdown, during which we have left for a while the way of life we knew, are we ready now to follow a new direction and fill the gap with a jump towards something different we still do not know but we perceive as necessary?

All this forces us to a reflection: does the life we normally live, made up of the many attempts to make this world a better place where to live,
make us part of the problem which causes uneasiness or aren’t we ourselves the very solution which can give life to the healthy evolution of our eco-system?

Every form of architecture, being it a
house or a public space which gives meaning to life and preserves the ethics of living, offers to people the opportunity of taking care of themselves, their fellow creatures and of their territories.

This is antithetical to a form of architecture which
dries up in the necessity of expressing power and richness of a society based on consumerism. The PAN HOME is a possible answer to these themes.

It represents a quick solution to a sanitary emergency and a place where it is possible to create a relationship between personal and community spaces.

The PAN HOME, which reminds us of a monastic typology, gives life to an autonomous microcosm, a small slice of nature which expresses itself in the balance between an inner garden, well protected and quiet, and all the exterior activities connected to the primary human needs.

The meaning of this place must be sought in the
care for this garden and it’s surrounding space, a territory which can be fertile if cultivated, which can give fruits if we give it attention.
Whichever way we look at it, what happens to this garden, happens to us too.

Facts & Credits

Participants: Giovanni Wegher
                       Massimiliano Piffer
                       Tatiana Levitskaya


The project was shortlisted in top 50 out of 440 projects.

The impact of Pandemic Architecture competition on the international architectural community was astonishing, with the number of registrations to exceed 800, with the final proposals to exceed 400 and with participants from more than 60 different countries.
Results will be officially announced on the 25th of September.


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