Fluo, Architecture and design studio was asked to design an office combo, located in a building overlooking Panepistimiou str. in Athens, aiming to create an open-plan workspace driven by mid-century aesthetics, a sophisticated space with luxurious and elitist interiors.

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The clients bought a 200sq.m.floor with the intention to unite it and make a uniform business space. The building is located in the very core of Athens, surrounded by buildings of major historical importance, such as the Athens University (the street was named after it), the National Library of Greece and the Academy of Athens. Until the 1950’s Panepistimiou was blooming with exceptional neoclassical buildings that unfortunately were demolished.

Our proposal was driven by the mid-century-modern motivations, aiming to create a sophisticated space, with luxurious and elitist interiors.

We tried to take advantage of all natural light that streamed into the space, by constructing glass dividers to separate the venues and by using glass tiles wherever was possible. The 1950’s “retro” style was accentuated with the artful floor in the lobby made out of white marble fragments. The use of gold-tone wood and the curved details of the green marble add to the above.

In the all-white office space the orange carpets add a sense of pop. In the conference room the handcrafted wooden table, bordered by modern chairs and the orange curtains for extra privacy lend the office the air of a workshop. The kitchen, functional and witty, is a gathering place for the stuff and guests.

Facts & Credits
Project title  PAN-Offices in Panepistimiou
Typology  Workspace
Location  Panepistimiou, Athens, Greece 
Architectural design  September 2020 – December 2020
Completion Year  2021
Built Area  200 m²
Architecture firm  Fluo, Architecture and design studio
Architects & supervisors  Fei Maniati -Thalia Mihail
Interior designer  Christina Serrou
Construction supervision  Fluo, Architecture and design studio

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