Lowfat architecture+interiors completes Motodynamics headquarters with a dynamic lighting installation. Main goal of the plan was the open plan layout of the offices space, so that the maximum communication between the working teams could be achieved. At the same time the team had a design approach of flexibility and multifunctionality. 

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The office space is situated next to Olympic stadium of Athens and hosts four companies with a total of 100 employees, with plans to expand in the imminent future. The open plan layout allows for optimum communication between disparate teams and administrative clusters, maintaining sound comfort through devices such as sound barrier furniture and sound-absorbing panels.

Meeting rooms and private offices are arranged in parallel to the outer windows, within transparent glass cubicles. A variety of private and collective spaces, such as informal meeting lounges, break-out terraces and privacy booths provide multiple scenarios of working and socializing. The flexible design approach such as the modular seating system in the dining area helps reconfigure this area into a seminar room when needed.

The design elaborates the company’s philosophy on work practice, social responsibility, and brand identity, by establishing an interplay between inside and outside, private and collective space. A landscape of dynamic lighting effects that swift color temperature and intensity throughout the day is employed along the central axis of circulation.

The outdoor experience is enhanced by an artificial atrium at the heart of the building that casts a white, cloudy daylight. The concept of flow is further underlined by the use of linear elements, such as ceiling lights and carpet patterns, in an out-of-grid arrangement.

A warm and bright color palette is used in order to create a lively and welcoming space for the employees. A mosaic pattern carpet with light brown and taupe tiles is combined with oak wood panels, light grey storage cabinets, and a clear white ceiling.

A combination of indoor plants such as Zamias, Arecas, Dracaenas, and Aspidistras are planted to provide additional comfort by increasing humidity and oxygen levels as well as boosting overall mood and well-being.

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Credits & Details

Project title: Motodynamics Headquarters
Architect: Lowfat architecture+interiors
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 1480 m2
Project location: Athens
Typology: Office
Client: Motodynamics S.A.
Architectural Design: Lowfat Architecture + Interiors
Project Architect: Orestes Argiropoulos
Team: Alexandros Martigopoulos, Evi Prokou
Mechanical Engineer: ConAP, Andreas Psaroudakis
Lighting Design: CLPD, Christos Papachristos
Construction: Lowfat Architecture+Interiors
Photography: Panagiotis Voumvakis