Studiomateriality presents an unconventional design for “Another” nail studio. They created a space that promotes diversity and invites everyone for a self-care treatment while enjoying the playful atmosphere. With Bauhaus aesthetic, use of the colours blue,red and yellow, and industrial materials, this nail studio looks more like “a local repair shop” , as they state.

-text by Ioannis Argiris



Another day, another chance for studiomateriality to explore creative curiosities and deliver a new project.

The brief of this project suggested a not-so-typical nail salon, one that is inclusive to everyone. So the studio went down the unconventional design route again: at first glance, Another resembles a local repair shop.

The Bauhaus elements elevate its look to a modern nail salon, merging aesthetics with functionality and creating a playful space which invites employees and customers to interact with it.

Nails for human beings: Another’s tagline is translated into this project through its multileveled outline and multicolored interior. Everyone is invited to sit on these tables, enjoy a little self-care and let the colourful setting fill them up with positive energy.

An industrial space that promotes diversity is as studiomateriality as it gets.

To put it another way, this place nails it!

Credits & Details
Project: another
Category: interior design
Location: Odyssea Androutsou 32, Athens, Greece
Area: 66m2
Project status: completed, September 2021
Lead Designer: Miltos Kontogiannis
Project Manager: Serafeim Pappas
Design Team: Margarita Voyatzi
Photography: Alina Lefa
Text: Ioannis Argiris