Urban Soul Project completed the extension of Ergon Maddox Deli and Cafe in terms of increasing its sitting area, on the one hand, and accommodating a new symbiotic usage, on the other. The new hybrid character is hosting the Greek fashion and lifestyle brand, Zeus + Dione, that shares cultural values with the Ergon brand.

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The shop is divided lengthwise, sitting is developed on one wall, whereas retail is showcased in the opposite one. The sitting is arranged on an elongated couch on the wall, under a wall cover made of wood panels and filled with a carpet of natural weave. Tables are made of Greek grey Cretan marble, with a brass-like frame for the marble to sit in. Wall texture is a plastered handcrafted finish, found in traditional houses in the islands. Auxiliary spaces such as restrooms, and the changing room is found behind curtains.

The unifying item that joins the space is a beam that runs around the walls of the store and functions as a hanging feature for shelving units, light fixtures and clothing rails.

Facts & Credits
Project title  Ergon Concept Store
Design  Urban Soul Project
Location  London, United Kingdom
Project Year  2020
Photography  Kimberley Powell

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