What happens when some furious ducks in an olive grove meet a snob guy? A DIY multi space in Tripolis acting as a cultural hub for arts&crafts, workshops and snob socialising.

-text by the authors

It all started back in 2012 with some furious ducks in an olive grove, a snob guy, lots of curiosity, love and passion.

After successfully beating the seven year itch, we decided that it was about time to rekindle our flame in a new nest and refresh our wardrobe marching at full speed to our 10th anniversary.

The main idea was to combine two different aesthetics creating a strict, clean cut and functional interactive “open kitchen” workspace (production, curing area, storage) and a more playful area ending up to a creative multi space for soap making workshops, cooking and wine tastings to art and design projects, tattooing, or anything else snob enough.

Facts & Credits
Project title  The Snob Duck Nest | Snob duck handmade soaps
Typology  Interiors, Graphic design
Location  Tripolis, Greece
Graphic design  Marios Karystios
Photography  Nikos Koustenis