TRACCE is a series of free online conversations organized by Studio Traccia. The first episode will be live on Tuesday the 19th of Jan 2021, at 7.30pm (CET), via Webinar and live streaming on Instagram. A number of different international guests from the creative industry, who through their work are challenging established preconceptions will share ideas, inspirations, knowledge, and discuss provocations.

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Tracce means traces, and traces are left by pioneers and read by explorers. We want to be both.

What we want for our practice, but especially for ourselves as humans, is to be influenced by a number of different things. For this reason, we’ve put together this series of talks, that apart from the field of architecture alone, expands towards photography, book making, videography, art, curation and technology. Expanding conversations towards different fields allows us to transversally read and discuss common traits but from different points of view and build a database where ideas, inspirations and provocations are shared.

Some of the confirmed guests are:

GrilloVasiu – architects
Marco Barbieri – photographer
Cassiano Sala – director of Squint/Opera
Tamsin Green – architect and photographer
Lucy Mclauchlan – artist
Marco Oggian – graphic artist
Magda Sayeg – founder of Knitta Please

The talks will consist in a 30 minutes presentation from the guest and 30 minutes discussion with the moderator, Studio Traccia and the public.

A Data/Base of shared interests, common threads and information will be generated as the talks go on, informing a live source of inspiration from the creative industry, for the creative industry.

Each guest will then nominate another person from their own network, to be a next speaker of Tracce. This mechanism will allow the project to expand organically, and venture into new territories. The objective is to explore new cues, establish new connections, interweave a network of people and hopefully fuel unexpected collaborations.

Tracce will be not only an online webinar, but also an active and expanding networking opportunity, which is very important for the whole creative industry in this very complex moment.

To be part of the network, sign up to the mailing list on the website, and follow Studio Traccia’s Instagram. To get in touch, email Studio .traccia. at

About Studio .traccia.

It is a multidisciplinary studio, with a focus on architecture and photography, currently based in Amsterdam (and soon moving to Milan), founded by Claudia Orsetti and Luigi Olivieri in 2020. Claudia previously worked for SANAA in Tokyo and Heatherwick Studio in London, for almost 7 years, where she was Associate and Project Leader of a number of international projects. She is also a photographer, and this year has been awarded GUP New Talent 2021. Luigi previously worked for Tomas Saraceno in Berlin, Heatherwick Studio in London and UNstudio in Amsterdam. He is also an electronic music composer.