White House is a Summer residence for two families, designed to host 2 to 6 people in total. The original dwell, a 1970s residence, was stripped down and remodeled from scratch. The reconstruction included a full redesign of the houses’ surrounding area. The new complex provides both privacy and autonomy at the two families, while at the same time, the two residencies can share the garden and picturesque view of the Saronic Gulf.

Inspiration for the project was drawn from the simplicity and clarity reflected on the Greek suburban scenery. The remodeling was assigned by a high achieving couple permanently living and working abroad. The idea was to create a warm and relaxing destination for them and their guests, during their off-work periods.

Connecting the minimalistic approach with the need for a multifunctional space for the owners posed an interesting challenge and resulted in an even more interesting outcome. Both the residencies consist of an open space kitchen – living room area, that promotes space communication.

The big openings on the west façade, towards the sea, function as natural frames to the view, while shedding natural light into the house. The sleeping areas are fairly protected, with smaller windows and private bathrooms.


Attention was paid to the construction details as well as the lighting installation. The idea was to maintain the simple line of the overall construction, and reflect it on the smaller scale. The choice of the natural materials used both inside and outside the residencies intent to promote and add to the suburban character of the wider area. 


The minimalistic approach was also applied to the houses facades, as well as the stairs that connect the different levels of the construction. The garden was designed to fit the peculiar and defining rocky landscape. It is assembled by the typical flora of the hill, consisted of tall pine trees, olive trees and bushes.

Facts & Credits
Project title White House
Typology  Renovation
Location Agia Marina, Attiki
Status  Completed 
Architects  Your Space Experience (YSE)
Photographers  Grigoris Markakis