La Bergerie in Mykonos, Greece by Mykonos Architects | won Merit in GRAIL Awards 2024

La Bergerie, designed by Mykonos Architects, and won Merit in GRAIL Awards 2024. The project aimed to go back to Genuity and Authentic. The client’s main request was to be able to forget the craziness of town, life and society when he comes to his Mykonian home, to leave his shoes in the wardrobe and feel again the Genuity, the Authentic and Nature.

He had just acquired 2 adjacent properties and the program was to extend the already existing “summer house” by creating in one of the 2 buildings a yoga room and a huge living room, dining room and kitchen, and in the other 4 guestrooms and a staff appartement, in the middle of his own private farm.

The goal was to connect everything without any disruption and feel like time had stopped at his gate. All this by integrating the obvious modern needs and luxury. La Bergerie means “the Sheepfold” in French. It was for us a crazy game to have to draw a vegetable garden, an orchard, a chicken coop, and a sheep house. We visited old local farms still, studied their details and way of working and recreated it without falling into an absurd mimicry of the past.


Every detail of the land has been conscientiously drawn and chosen: the stone steps positioned without any measure, nicely following the ground, the old “Maggano” well, the stone walls partially falling down, the rusted metallic hinges of the aged wooden doors, the block of marble left behind by the artist, the dirt road invaded by vegetation, the broken aged stone terrasse bleached by the sun.

Even the main pergola has been drawn and built around the existing trees.

Facts & Credits

Project title: La Bergerie

Project type: Renovation

Project location: Mykonos, Greece

Architecture | Interior design | Lighting | Project management: Mykonos Architects

Status: Completed

Year: 2020-2022

Design Team: Aude Mazelin | Xara Karatzali

Text: Provided by the authors

Photos: Spyros Hound