The Ampia Vista retreat, designed by Barault architects is located on a steep longtitudinal plot at the southern part of Meganisi island offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Additional to the 34 double rooms, 8 triple rooms and 6 luxurious suites, the complex includes high standard food and beverage facilities as well as a wellness center.

The name derives from the Italian meaning of the phrase “ample view”, which is the key element of the hotel. A prerequisite for the design team was that all rooms and facilities have unique unhindered views of the mesmerizing blue of the nearby bay.

As Greek villages are anchored on mountainsides and have their public square located at the center, the retreat is deployed on a staggered set of different levels, while the communal spaces, such as the large pool area, the restaurant and bar area are located in the center. In the form of interconnected chain rings, all spaces are designed to help the guest to easily navigate througout. The reception lobby, the pool area the restaurant as well as the spa area are all spatially interrellated.

The large pool area becomes the central focal point.  The rooms and suites are remotely located in order to provide privacy, solace and a relaxing ambience for the guests.

The zigzagged water element running through an extensive part of the hotel functions as a linking element of the synthesis. Through its angular deployment it offers different views and creates various relaxing areas around it.

The volumetric approach draws inspiration from the typical double pitched and hip roof of the Ionian Island houses.

By displacing the central axis, assymentrical prisms become an interesting contrast to the traditional architecture without offending the aesthetics of the island.

Earthy tones and natural materials are used throughout the project. Exterior hardscapes, walls and roofs are all of the same tone, resembling an austere prismatic sculpture upon which sun shadows are theatrically casted.

As a complimentary design element vertical wooden louvers hand offer protection from direct sunlight. The intentional avoidance of roof tiling was chosen in order for prisms to blend into the hardscapes.

The overall earthy coloration merges with the vast olive tree surroundings.

Credits & Details

Location: Ormos Kalopoulou, Meganisi

Architecture-Design: Barault architects

Design Team: Louis Barault, Elisania Michalopoulou, Aliki Sigala, Stella Mitsogianni, Xenia Bouranta