The following project is the creation of a coffee place at Ampelokipi, Athens. Bourbon Specialty Coffees is a coffee specialist and had already owned three coffee shops under the franchise “Bourbon Specialty Coffees”. For the fourth coffee store South Constructions office had been assigned to design not only the interior, but also the brand identity

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The store is located on the ground floor of a 70’s building in centre of Ampelokipi, one of the most highly populated areas in Greece. Ampelokipi is considered a commercial area with many offices and public services, so it is part of the centre of Athens. 

The main inspiration for this project is the Italian styled red brick with vertical parallel streaks, which is the focal point of the space, creating a background from the main shopping area.

South Constructions created a functional, cozy and attractive environment, based on contemporary style. The design combines the expressionist and surrealistic mentality, with the element of exaggeration captured in style.

The project is focused on bare construction materials, along with plenty of greenery hanging from the ceiling. Details such as the carefully placed, intense, LED lighting, provide a more modern feeling throughout the space.

Facts & Credits
Project title Bourbon Specialty Coffees
Typology  Coffee shop
Location Ampelokipoi , Athens
Design South Constructions
Construction South Constructions
Date  2021
Photography Achilleas Colaclides