The project deals with the “tourist habitation” on the rocky islet of Sessoula west of Lefkada with an area of 15.342 sq.m., a terrain slope of 19%, a distance of 2km from the coastline and a maximum height of 27m.

The idea for the processing of the project was based on the removal of matterιal and the creation of space within the rock itself and the dialogue between light and shadow.

An inhabitation scenario is explored in which the landscape and the material itself, through interventions, becomes space and place for man, giving him the basic elements he needs in his time of rest such as sun, protection, freedom, restoring his contact with nature, isolation, relieving him from those superfluous things that surround him in the fast pace of his daily life and in general of our modern society.

Facts & Credits
Project title Sesoula- Living rocky islet
Typology Student Work
Location  Sesoula, Lefkada
Status  Completed 2021
Supervising Professor Konstantinos  Panigyris
Student  Chalikiopoulou Eleni