Photographer Yiouli Tsatsopoulou participated with ”Palaiokarya” photographic series in Antiparos International Photo Festival 2021 that took place from 10th to 18th July 2021 in the open space of Antiparos’ Castle namely the Venetian settlement in the heart of the island. Out of 61 submissions, the Selection Committee of AIPF 2021 chose 15 outstanding photographers who exhibited their work in this year’s fair, under the theme “The Wild Side”.


The Wild Side: You can walk on it. Be it. Observe it from a distance. Or up close. An animal, a plant, a rock, a tradition, forgotten people, a subculture… Anyone and everything outside our comfort zone. Everything that challenges our day-to-day perception of the world. Alternatives. The wild side is all around us.

”Palaiokarya” photographic series by Yiouli T. is part of a multimedia project including photographs, videos and music production, under the title “Xamenos Xronos”, an ongoing investigation of the artist at the intersection of visual and sound design.

“I lived with my grandmother for a while, when she was 98 years old…she appears now, near the end, to have started confusing memories and dreams, living in a world entirely of her own, a world which seems vacant, unhinged and bittersweet to the observer, a world bordering between childlike laughter and a deep, wild sadness. This exploration created images, flashes of dreams – perhaps my grandmother’s own dreams. The main axis was the memory of my recent ancestors and the future of a familiar place that cannot be reached by anyone, that has been or will be. Images of a future barren land, with the imprint of our common past and our future selves.”, says Yiouli T.

“Συμβίωσα για λίγο με την γιαγιά μου, 98 χρονών. Δείχνει  τωρα κοντά στο τέλος να έχει μπερδέψει τις αναμνήσεις και τα όνειρα κα να ζεί σε έναν κόσμο πλέον μόνο δικό της, όπου στον απέναντι φαντάζει μέρος έρημο, ξέφρενο και γλυκόπικρο ανάμεσα στα γέλια και στην βαθιά άγρια λύπη. Υστερα απ’αυτό δημιουργήθηκαν οι εικόνες σαν καρέ – flashes από όνειρα – ίσως και από τα όνειρα της γιαγιάς. Με βασικό άξονα την μνήμη των πρόσφατων προγόνων μου και  το μέλλον ενός  γνώριμου τόπου που δεν θα δεί κανείς απο αυτους που πέρασαν και θα περάσουν…Εικόνες μελλοντικής έρημης γής με το δικό τους και το δικό μου παρελθοντικό αποτύπωμα.”

Facts & Credits
Project title  Palaiokarya
Typology  Photography, Visual art, Art
Photographer, Artist  Yiouli Tsatsopoulou
The project was selected and featured in Antiparos International Photo Festival 2021 under the theme “The Wild Side”.