Lighting designer Mariza Galani presents her new collection of light fixtures, inspired from the Ancient Greek term of geometry

Mariza Galani’s new collection of light fixtures is inspired by the ancient greek term of “geometry” and aims to generate lightness in a way that creates a whole experience for the senses. Mariza is a greek lighting designer, based in Athens, who’s creations are entirely made in Greece. She strongly believes that “creation comes through our hands” that’s why her creations are handmade and unique.

Mariza Galani is a Greek lighting designer, based in Athens, Greece. She has launched a new collection of light fixtures, inspired by geometry from the Ancient Greek: γεωμετρια geo «earth» & metron «measurement».

Inspired by nature, her creations promise to bring ascension to the space and not just to illuminate.

The feeling of spiritual uplift is her main goal in design, as the observer looks at a shape, becomes one with it, experiencing the sense of wholeness.

Her goal is to generate lightness and not just light through her creations by bringing nature inside the spaces not in a realistic form but rather in a symbolic one, so that the viewer can easily feel connected with his inner self.

What always intrigued her through her design journey, was the actual difference between a handmade product and an industrial one. Mariza Galani believes that creation comes through our hands. This is what craftsmen also do: while sculpting a product, they are passing through all their emotions, thoughts and energy. A handcrafted creation made with love emits good vibes at space. This is how it acquires its own energy and spark and becomes a creation instead of a barren object.

These series of products come from a manual procedure while combined with high tech light components. Build to order and handmade in Greece, each one has a unique story to tell.


Credits & Details

Project: Light fixtures by Mariza Galani
Category: Lighting design
Mariza Galani
Photography: Vanias Xydas
Styling: Ellie Sfika