Pattern x Adytum - the Adytum Spa & Wellness Retreat designed by Pattern Studio in Canberra, Australia.

The design duo from Pattern Studio, recently collaborated with wellness group Adytum to create “The Adytum Flagship” space. A retail space, a cafe and a spa’s amenities are combined in a multi-functional space. The “Adytum Spa & Wellness Retreat”, is created as a work of art, according to the office’s design language that follows the conceptual exploration of ‘sensual minimalism’. A textured, earthy palette is used as a neutral background for locally produced Australian designer furniture and lighting, to be showcased.

-text by the architects

Pattern have partnered once again with Australian wellness group Adytum delivering their first spa offering in the nation’s capital. The duo first collaborated with Adytum back in 2020, conceiving a semi-permanent gallery~retail space, the Adytum Library.

The experimental project was an ode to the repose offered through art, design, and literature; and Pattern’s design approach was suitably lateral.

The resulting interior was more akin to an immersive work of art than traditional retail and established Adytum as an exciting new brand to watch.

The Adytum Flagship opened its doors late last year; the spa’s offering both ambitious and extensive. Included in the 220sqm tenancy is a dedicated retail space and café, as well as spacious individual manicure pods, enclosed private treatment suites, an infa-red sauna, and Japanese-inspired bath house. The gun-barrel site demanded meticulous planning from Pattern, who strategically co-located retail and cafe at the spa’s entrance, highlighting the brand’s retail offering. The discerning spatial quality of this multi-functional space mirrors that of the gallery-like Library concept, and has resulted in impressive retail sales for the new brand.

Pattern continue their conceptual exploration of ‘sensual minimalism’ in this project; the refined design language creating spaces which feel pared back yet materially tactile and utterly serene.

Sculptural additions come in the form of deep monolithic door thresholds; bringing heft and a bespoke, brutalist quality to the interior. A textured, neutral palette championing natural and sustainable building materials is the backdrop against which contemporary Australian designer furniture and lighting are showcased. Vessels by internationally renowned ceramicist Alana Wilson feature throughout.

It is Pattern’s firm belief that health cannot and should not be separated from the quality of the built spaces we inhabit; that art and quality design indeed contribute to our physical and emotional well-being.

The Adytum Spa lends weight to the thinking that it is indeed possible to design for pleasure and wellness; highlighting that there is a growing market hungry to see and experience spaces that do so.

The design process included sourcing and developing locally produced sustainable building materials.

Pattern commissioned the Blue Mountains – based Natural Brick Co, company to fabricate bricks and solid moulds constructed using building waste and material that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

The fit-out also features Australian-designed and made furniture and light fittings from the likes of Volker-Haug and Grazia & Co.

Credits & Details
Client Adytum
Address Lonsdale St, Canberra
Sector Retail, Wellness
Scale 220sqm
Design Pattern Studio
Photography Traianos Pakioufakis
Completed November 2021
Custom timber bath by Wood & Water
Lighting Volker Haug Studio ‘Anton Micro’ Wall Sconce
Artwork Ceramics by Alana Wilson
Finishes Custom bricks, panels, and portals by Natural Brick Co.