Mado Samiou Architecture completed Paragon in Ilioupoli transforming a former metal workshop into a fully functional brewery and beer hall with contemporary industrial aesthetics.

-text by the authors

In a densely populated district of Athens, a former metal workshop is revitalised into a microbrewery and taproom. With respect to the existing shell, our intervention focuses on transforming the existing building into a fully functional brewery and a spirited beer hall.

By incorporating the existing industrial features into the interior design, the building’s architectural identity is formed.

Concrete walls with inconspicuous scars, marks from the notorious past, traces of layered paint, metal elements, found items, all integrated with custom-made structures to create a contemporary industrial feel.

Entering an unfussy entrance, a beer hall experience commences. The open plan taproom and brewery is divided by a huge metal and glass structure, allowing guests to witness the beer production progress, while enjoying the final product. The metal separator is manufactured with exposed reused metal beams while refashioned iron plates form a series of arches. Exposed metal elements are hanging from the high ceiling, above the long U-shaped bar – a key element of the space. The original staircase of the building is revived, leading to the rest-room area, where large windows frame the interior. Red-toned lighting above the sinks, creates a contradiction with the dark tones and exposed materials.

On the façade, the grid opening visually links the interior to the exterior, creating a connection with the urban environment.

Metal finishes, exposed concrete, inox equipment, found items, reused materials, vertical pendants, square grids, featured arches, layered surfaces – all enhance the uniqueness of the original building by reflecting its own history.

Facts & Credits
Project title  Paragon Brewery & Taproom
Typology  Interiors, Retail, Commercial
Location  Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece
Design  Mado Samiou Architecture
Design team  Mado Samiou, Despina Markoulaki, Nickolas Lagos, Irene Papaeuthimiou, Aggeliki Tziotaki
Photography  Nickolas Lagos

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