LAMA studio took over the redesign of Martes Studio audiovisual company office. This included the building of a new meeting room, together with an entrance hall and the design of different custom-made storage elements for the working space and some additional pieces for the break area. Solid elements in dark green, combined with pine wood boards, provide a distinct identity to the project.

-text by Elpida Roidou

Lama Studio took over the office redistribution project for Martes Studio, a creative audiovisual company. The scope of the project encompassed the construction of a new meeting room and an entrance hall, as well as the conceptualization and design of various customized storage elements for the working space.

In order to optimize the functionality of the working area, Lama Studio meticulously crafted bespoke storage solutions, tailor-made to suit the specific requirements.

Additionally, Lama Studio undertook the creation of supplementary furniture pieces for the break area, enhancing the overall comfort and aesthetic appeal.

The project’s distinctiveness was achieved by integrating solid elements in a captivating dark green color, harmoniously combined with the use of pine wood boards. This meticulous fusion bestowed a distinctive and unique identity upon the project, reflecting the artistic vision and innovative spirit of Martes Studio.

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Facts & Credits

Project title Office redesign

Project type Interior design | Furniture design

Interior design LAMA studio

Client Martes Studio

Surface area 208,17 m2

Location Barcelona, Spain

Photography Cristina Palomar