Urban Soul Project designed Lunula, a sunny, double-height corner shop in Thessaloniki, using vivid color schemes and organic shapes.

-text by the author 

Lunula is the latin name of half moon, the point of equilibrium in an aesthetically pleasing environment dedicated to body treatment, especially body tips.

The corner location of the shop served as a privilege to show off all the services of Lunula to clients. The space is divided in three parts, one for the entrance and reception, and two separate ones for manicure and pedicure areas. The vivid color schemes and the organic shapes of arches form the passages from one space to other while the variety of plants gives a botanical sensation to the space.

A rich color and material pallette inspired by nature is used for the furniture, and compliments the interior. Green marble table tops and indoor plants contrast to the outside urban scenery. A stroke of bright terracotta wall appears in the interior in front of the entrance, giving it yet another color boost.

Facts & Credits
Project title  LUNULA
Design  Urban Soul Project
Location  Thessaloniki, Greece
Project Year  2019
Photography  Studio Dimitris Andritsos, Myrto Karagiannidou

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