Beauty Affects Mind, a hair salon designed by Evrykleia Tzimou, is a contemporary structure that aims and serves likeability and functionality for both clients and employees.

The hair salon provides a warm and friendly atmosphere while being practical, modern and professional.
The space, with a total of 64.50m2 and maximum height of 4,5m on the ground floor, offers plenty of natural light as it is an airy construction.

The concept was to create a design which would match the project’s name and expand it into reality.

Therefore, it had to be luxurious and contemporary with a personal preference to minimalism. To complete the main inspiration, the aforementioned concepts should lead to a warm and welcoming space, simple enough to provide the people inside it only with the necessary optical information.

That way, beauty will indeed affect the mind by creating the sense of calmness, luxury and warmness.

The design allows space-wide visibility from within, with the use of clear and straight lines, the absence of extra rooms and the use of mirrors.

The combination of few and common materials and their properties, helped categorize the different sections of the space, and in the meantime serves the general design.

Lighting design majorly enhances that. The use and manipulation of the ample natural light, combined with 2 architectural lighting installations, allow proper functional lighting during day and nighttime, while the highlighting light compliments the natural light when needed, for accentuating the different textures and surfaces of the materials.

Samples of surface types, finishes, colors and cuttings were tested inside the actual space, both separately and combined, to reach harmony with natural light. The tests indicated marble coverings, wooden and metallic structures, rough plaster walls and vinyl flooring. These would also indicate the sections with different functions.

On top of the regular use of the space, it is also used for video shooting for You Tube and Social media in order to introduce the newest aesthetics in hair coloring, cutting and styling.

Thus, there is the contrast of a fully functional hair salon, which depending on the workload can be crowded, and the need for a neat and modern space, as a video background to attract viewers. An open space like that can be brought back into shape within seconds. Therefore, there can be a video-shooting background of a neat and fully functional hair salon, if needed.

Facts & Credits

Project title   Beauty affects mind, Bam
Type   Hair Salon

Design   Evrykleia Tzimou
Lighting Design   Evrykleia Tzimou
Location   Chalandri, Athens
Area   64,50m2
Year 2019
Photography   Evrykleia Tzimou