ÁGORA arquitectura brought to light and restored ancient frencoes after the renovation of a 1872 building in Barcelona

Agora Arquitectura, based in Barcelona,  was assigned to renovate a 1872 building of great architectural importance.
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The commission focuses on restoring 8 floors of 150m2 of a residential building built in 1872 located on Montcada street in Barcelona. Vilely shaken plants pose a meticulous archeology work, in which it is of interest to strip all the added hairpieces to see which elements still have the privilege of lasting over time.

Agora Arquitectura undressed the interiors of a residential building built in 1872.

Once the space is undressed, great stone lintels hidden under incongruous facade cladding,14 splendid Nolla mosaics and 27 hydraulic pieces of great chromatic wealth buried under inconsiderate pavements and eloquent coffered ceilings on the ceilings fanning the atmosphere of a seemingly magnificent past appear. Just when the greatness of the space has been put back into action, it is decided to carefully pose a kind of artifacts that in a certain equilibrium introduce a housing program  according to a new instant of time that live together with some of the ghosts of his past.



Facts & Credits
Project title      27+14
Architecture    AGORA  arquitectura
Civil engineer    RYCMAR
Year     2019
Location  Barcelona
Photography      Adrià Goulà