Movimento Club is a project started by Artefatto Design Studio to encourage and support young designers and emerging brands, by promoting their work through various channels. It was created to give these individuals visibility by coming together as a singular collective. The club has a strong belief that together we can achieve more.

Movimento is an ever-growing collective of emerging designers and brands, as well as a place for design enthusiasts and professionals to discover and purchase new design from all over the world, giving young designers and brands a physical and online platform to show their work to the world. 

Eindhoven has always been a hub for design, innovation and talented graduates. It is for these reasons that Movimento was hoping to be a part of this year’s Dutch Design Week. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, the club was not able to take part. Of course, as Movimento’s goal has always been and will always be to promote our members the best they can, they could not allow themselves to do nothing. Therefore, Movimento teamed up with visual artists Dao Archviz to create their own vision of Dutch Design Week.

The team behind Dao Archiviz have created a series of scenes with a common theme, rising up from the rubble. We are all in a position at the moment where we need to push though the negative and keep moving forward.

Either we are weighed in by rubble, feeling isolated and alone or stuck somewhere. We believe it’s our duty to keep moving forward for the whole design scene.

The pieces in this virtual exhibition are from all over the world, designers from Korea, USA, Turkey, Scotland and many more, set within extraordinary scenes of exaggerated architecture and a variety of materials and textures. Featured designers are Wangan (Istanbul), Walac (Glasgow), Crump and Kwash (Baltimore), ASATA (Milan), Hot Wire Extensions (London), Jackrabbit Studio (New York), Desmond Lim (Seoul), and Simone Fanciullacci x Studio Effe (Turin).