Design furniture show: The innovative vertical hood | Talìka by Faber

Talìka by Faber. Ultra-thin and vertical: the company from Fabriano, Italy, that first invented the aspirating hood is once again revolutionising the kitchen with its cutting-edge solutions and technologies

Milan, Eurocucina – FTK, Salone del Mobile 2016. Technology that’s good to look at. Faber, the company that created the Fabriano hood district in 1955, astounds the Salone del Mobile audience with Talìka.

Talìka is one of the most innovative of the ten new products and five futuristic concepts the company presents, because of its surprising look and – above all – because of the new Nautilus technology.


A “window” over the cooker

Made with highly striking and innovative finishes, Talìka underlines the concept of the vertical hood. The distinct geometric lines of its components give life to two different models, with a white base panel being paired either with a copper-coloured panel or with a panel of cross-filed titanium, to create two exclusive versions in unique Faber style. This lightweight hood is made even more elegant by the use of contrasting materials and by the suspended position of the panels.

Talìka’s innovative design makes it a true “window over the cooker”. The special Nautilus technology reduces the amount of space required, completely eliminating the conventional oblique surface and making it possible to create the first truly vertical hood.

Precious finishes and a unique but recognisable style make Talìka suitable for all spaces – whether modern or classic, the new Faber hood is sure to suit every kitchen style.


A fan inpired by nature

Talìka is surprising everyone in the industry not only for its design recalling new generation, flat screen TVs, but also for the presence of Faber’s innovative Nautilus technology.

Created to improve the energy efficiency of aspirating hoods, this new ventilator unit makes it possible to obtain both high performance and considerable energy savings.

This allows Faber hoods fitted with this fan to qualify for energy class A – an extremely important result that marks a turning point in the industry, achieved once again by the company that first invented this category of appliances 60 years ago. This is an important innovation for Faber because, until only a few years ago, even the most efficient advanced aspirating hoods with the same air flow, could only qualify for energy class C.

Technical characteristics

Finish: Old Copper, Cross Titanium, Dark Grey Croncrete

Size: Width 80 cm

Controls: Squarcle Touch

Lighting: LED Lights

Anti-grease filters: Self-bearing, dishwasher safe

Energy Class: A


Extraction capacity IEC point: 3 speeds + intensive.

Maximum extraction: 445 m3/h, intensive extraction 530 m3/h, 

Noise level: maximum speed: 70 db (A) and intensive speed: 72 db (A)

Technological benefits:

Nautilus: The new Faber diffuser enables a leap in energy quality from Class C to Class A*. It also provides high performance with low power consumption, due to its optimised geometry and the fluid dynamic analysis of the impeller. * for built-in hoods.

Perimeter Aspiration: Reduces the perceived sound by 25%. This aspiration guarantees optimized effectiveness exploiting the principle of the Venturi effect: air accelerates as it passes through the constricted extraction space of the panel and then decreases immediately inside the hood and is then easily expelled without need for any particular pressure.

LED Light: This technology offers pleasant natural lighting and faithfully reproduces the colour of the illuminated items. The LEDlight integrate perfectly with the cooker hood, for an extremely neat appearance offering all the advantages of intense light. The LEDlight was designed to optimize light distribution within the room and to achieve the correct degree of visibility over the entire worktop, with a low level of energy consumption, just 2W.

Intensive Speed: function which activates maximum aspiration for 6 minutes to meet special cooking needs.

Remote control option: on request, Faber hoods with electronic controls can be used via remote control, which is especially useful for people with reduced mobility.