Visualizing the tools of 3SK Architects, a long-lasting architectural firm | AG Design Agency

AG Design Agency created a new visual identity for 3SK Architects inspired by the old-time classic stencils.
– images & text by AG Design Agency

3SK, founded in 1969, is an architecture practice which has designed and built the most iconic touristic resorts in Greece, while it covers the full range of design: public buildings, cultural centers, theaters, museums, offices, banks.
With a growing need of architectural services, The Design Ambassador & 3SK Architects asked us to collaborate with them in creating a new and cohesive visual Identity system for the firm, to breath new life on a demanding market.

The identity is inspired by the old-time-classic engineering stencils that architects used to incorporate typographic and geometric elements into their designs.

The new logo is made of lines and semicircles that are harmoniously connected, while the graphic language – a zoom in on a composition of forms and messages – is able to transmit a contemporary and dynamic character to any possible surface.

“The visual identity also focuses on the types of lines we encounter in architectural designs. Section lines, hidden lines, extensions lines, thick & thin, all with a specific meaning”, says Alexandros Gavrilakis, creative director of AG Design Agency.

Facts & Credits
Creative Direction & Design Alexandros Gavrilakis / AG Design Agency
Curation & Program management Design Ambassador
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