Student Residential Compound: phase B' of the University of Cyprus | alias architects - Liakopoulos I Buchholz I Associates

The new Student Residential Compound of the University of Cyprus in Nicosia aspires to act unifyingly for the whole developing area, following the existing central vertical axis that connects the northern entrance of the campus with the development area of the dormitories. With the creation of the new complex, a bioclimatic and sustainable group of contemporary student housing is established, which aims to be a new landmark within the campus.

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The dominant issue during the design was the possibility of identification of young, different residents with the compound as well as the possibility of acquiring it, as a place of residence but at the same time a place for inspiration, creation, meditation, relaxation and recreation.

The main intention of the proposal was the distribution of the required rooms in six different 5-storey buildings, for safety and better operation of the dormitories, which operate independently but also are connected and coexist with their neighbors. Each building was decided to have a pentagonal-circular, more rounded shape which allows smooth circulation and visual escapes between the occupants of different floors and buildings, facilitating the communication and coexistence of different people.

The rooms are organized on five sides around a planted patio, and on an equal number of floors, with the corners receiving either common uses or vertical communication. In this way each room has a different view of the surrounding landscape of Athalassa, making it unique, while the overall shape of the dormitories gives a strong sense of identity, separating the residence from the other functions of the campus.

A seventh, 2-storey building of similar shape, in the center of the field and on the existing central vertical axis, houses the common areas of the complex. This central building, as it is located at a key point, easily accessible both by the residents of all buildings and by the entire campus, is the heart of the complex. An open-air square is created here, around which the recreation and trade areas of the hearths are located, as well as the management and maintenance sector of the complex and shelter spaces in the basement.

Facts & Credits
Project title Student Residential Compound
Typology  Student Housing
Location Nicosia, Cyprus
Area 30.980 m2
Architectural design alias architects – Liakopoulos I Buchholz I Associates
Design team Aris P. Liakopoulos, Edith Buchholz, Vasilis Roidos