Urban Artist Giulio Vesprini recently completed his fifth playground entitled “H O R I Z O N” / Struttura G052, in Treviglio, Bergamo, Italy for Street Art Ball Project.

-text by the author

“H O R I Z O N” is born from the sampling of the shades that derive from the surrounding environment, the green of the park that delineates the basketball court, the blues of the sky and the reds of the scorching sun during the games.

A color-space is created that affirms itself in the urban fabric becoming a territorial landmark increasingly distant from the idea of a former parking lot but closer to the new forms of urban tactics.

The idea is part of a research path dedicated to abstract horizontal landscape cause for Vesprini urban art is always an interpretation of the places he visit trying to give the city a completely new vision of architecture.

Facts & credits
Project title  “H O R I Z O N” – Struttura G052
Typology  Street art, urban art
Location  Treviglio, Bergamo, Italy
Street Artist  Giulio Vesprini
Artistic assistance  Gianluigi Peverata
Video & Drone photography  Hori VideoProduction
Photography  Simone Montanari
Technical assistance  Atria color
Client  Streetartball Project
Support  Pianura Urbana + Nuvole in viaggio 
Production & Communication  PILO AGENCY / King Of The Pilo / HG80 Impresa Sociale
Many thanks to Paolo Baraldi
City of  Treviglio (BG) 

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