Why surf on sea tides, when you can surf on tastes out of this world? Studiomateriality is back at it again, this time for Surfer Maya in Thessaloniki. Surfer Maya goes for a fast casual restaurant approach, a perfect match for the studio’s fusion artistry. 

-text by the authors

Wise, the team has gone for a classic American diner look and feel. But this was just the base for a not so typical visual play. Tints of yellow, blue, pink & red give this restaurant a refreshing modern flavor, while the “graffiti” typography makes this a must go for all rebellious foodies out there.

The neon signs and large windows of the façade further strengthen Surfer Maya’s connection to the street. At the same time, the wooden counters work as an instant reminder of its more casual side.

Studiomateriality’s branding touches flood the place, while their Mayan pop mask logo decorates the minimal, yet playful, food packaging.

Gosh, those hybrid souvlaki tacos look yuuum. Are you in or what?

Facts & Credits
Project title Surfer Maya
Typology Renovation
Status  Completed June 2021
Location Skra 8, Thessaloniki, Greece
Area 86 m2

Design Studiomateriality
Lead Designer  Miltos Kontogiannis
Project Manager Serafeim Pappas
Photography Antonis Sarris
Text Ioannis Argiris