Magasin 4 concert hall in Brussels, Belgium by architecture studio Muoto
“Magasin 4, the Mecca of punk-rock culture in Brussels is saved!”

The new concert venue is located along the Charleroi canal and is part of a landscape of logistical activities.

Its architecture responds to the post-industrial identity of the neighborhood and of the music itself.

It takes warehouse architecture as a reference, borrowing the vocabulary and technical devices of today’s large warehouses, such as sliding sectional doors, the rack structure and prefabricated alveolar concrete slabs.

Warehouse architecture is like a large meccano, with visible and distinct components.

This meccano principle consists here in creating a building that can be both assembled and disassembled.

It responds to the challenge of its potential evolution by offering the possibility of building a roof extension thanks to its rolled-up beams, and of recycling its own materials.


Credits & Details

Program: Concert venue for the underground club Magasin 4

Client: City of Brussels

Surface area: 749 sqm

Budget: 985.270 €

Architects: Muoto

Consultants: Servais Engineering Architectural, Energ-Ir, Kahle Acoustics, Pierre Berger, PS2

Year: 2021

3D Renderings:  Olivier Campagne – Artefactorylab 
                               With Photographs – Severin Malaud 

Model Photographs: Muoto