Diffusing the boundary between interior and outdoor space, the design of the residence of Panorama Pallini, by Degree Zero Architects focuses on generating an enhanced ‘experiential landscape’

Design Concept

Diffusing the boundary between interior and outdoor space, the design of the residence of Panorama Pallini focuses on generating an enhanced ‘experiential landscape’.

A variety of spatial conditions apply, fluidity of movement is unobstructed, and the juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal dynamics is impressive, creating a unique ‘spatial experience’.


The design concept is based on three principles:

  • Multiple sections of an orthogonal volume, creating alternating parallel strips of space and voids. Intruding zones of light, greenery and atriums enhance the interior – exterior relationship
  • A strong antithesis of the facades’ opacity on the North-South axis (entrance) versus the transparency of the East-West axis (viewpoint)
  • The creation of a buffer zone of vertical voids and gardens between the residence and the adjacent, more voluminous structure

Spatial strips are formed that alternate programmatic areas with light and green zones. In this way, naturally illuminated surfaces are maximized, while the programme spreads, offering grades of privacy and the feeling of extended areas. Splitting and alternating the volumes provides greater change in atmospheres and views to the outside, and a variation of images in the daily life of the user.

Natural light is a key element to the project with large glazing surfaces on the facades, indirect openings and skylights on the ceilings. The overall approach of the facade is to provide an energy efficient shell achieving optimum lighting. It is one of the defining quality elements of the project – both functionally and aesthetically.


The plot is located at the top of a cliff at the suburban area of Pallini, overlooking the Mesogeia valley, the International Airport of Athens, the Evia island and the Aegean Sea beyond.

The building is located on the northwest side of the plot, at its highest point, allowing the formation of a large outdoor area at the southeast, with a swimming pool at an altitude difference from the road. This ensures the privacy of the landscaped outdoor space while providing unobstructed views. The orientation of the building is optimal and the openings are shaped so as to achieve the isolation of the building from the surrounding structures.

Interior – Program

The glazed entrance is organized around a planted atrium enclosed by a concrete wall, so that the garden can be equally considered exterior and interior space, blurring the boundaries.


The ground floor is organized as one open-plan space which includes lounging, kitchen and dining areas around the staircase core. The living room has direct access to an outdoor lounge and pool area with unobstructed views. The skylight creates a clear division between the two volumes and offers framed views to the outside.

The kitchen and dining are designed as one unified space with a long table running across, extending towards the front view. A large library on the wall becomes the background for the dining table, which functions as a study as well. The kitchen opens up to an open-air dining and BBQ space under pergolas.The house core becomes a special design element which floats between the two levels, a staircase made out of powder coated steel and metal rods painted black.

The master bedroom is located on the ground floor, with an en-suite bathroom overlooking an enclosed garden. So does the children’s room right above on the first floor, while the atelier next to it takes advantage of the living room roof-top as a terrace. The basement includes enclosed parking spaces, the MEP areas and storage.

Credits & Details

Project Name: Pallini Panorama Residence

Location: Panorama Pallini, Greece

GFA: 150m2

​Architects: Degree Zero Architects

Visualizations: ΦΩΣ Visualization Studio