Non Architecture announces open call for RE-DRAW.02 Guggenheim Competition whose aim is to develop one drawing to “represent” an iconic architecture: the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The participants are asked to draft one image, with absolute freedom of scale, technique and level of abstraction.

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Throughout history, designers have employed drawings as a fundamental tool for the communication of ideas and visions. Drawings were used as a means of rendering abstract concepts and engaging the wide public in a primordial effort of giving shape to one’s own thoughts. They were made to narrate concepts visually.

Within the context of the digital age, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of visual data, a phenomenon which has forced us into a new relationship with visual content also within the realm of architecture. Renowned buildings are often photographed and then shared as a passive portrait of what architecture can look like.

The #architecture counts more than 100,000,000 posts uploaded by a global population of avid users for whom the term itself can mean anything from the context of their best brunch spot to the latest spectacular architectural artefact.

Today architects are being asked to create instagrammable moments, eye-catching details used by the client as free advertising.

The result is a media-oriented image of architecture, often portrayed online by various users from the same perspective, following trending aesthetics and styles. Within representation, what once used to be a moment of creation tends to become today a passive exercise of pure repetition.


Reflecting upon this paradigm, we encourage representation as a proactive exercise. We aim to engage a community in rediscovering a given building, an architectural icon, proactively researching a new image, a new way to portray it. To reach this purpose, Non Architecture, in co-curation with KooZA/rch and with the support of prominent architecture platforms, organizes Re- Draw.Guggenheim New York is the second building selected for the Re-Draw competition.


“The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation was founded in 1937, and its first New York–based venue for the display of art, the Museum of Non-Objective Painting, opened in 1939. With its exhibitions of Solomon Guggenheim’s somewhat eccentric art collection, the unusual gallery—designed by William Muschenheim at the behest of Hilla Rebay, the foundation’s curator and the museum’s director—provided many visitors with their first encounter with great works by Vasily Kandinsky, as well as works by his followers, including Rudolf Bauer, Alice Mason, Otto Nebel, and Rolph Scarlett. The need for a permanent building to house Guggenheim’s art collection became evident in the early 1940s, and in 1943 renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright gained the commission to design a museum in New York City. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum opened on October 21, 1959.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation is dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art through exhibitions, education programs, research initiatives, and publications. The Guggenheim international constellation of museums includes the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice; the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao; and the future Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.”



The aim of the “Re-Draw” competition is to develop one drawing to “represent” an iconic architecture. The participants are asked to draft one image, with absolute freedom of scale, technique and level of abstraction.

We encourage creativity, criticality and innovation. The drawing can highlight functional aspects of the building, showing a deep understanding of one or more design aspects. It can focus on the aesthetic qualities, experimenting and mastering a drawing technique with hyper-realistic outcomes, or it can be an optical deformation, a caricatural interpretation, a distant abstraction of the built architecture.

The drawing can strengthen a conventional interpretation of architecture, or explore a new angle, a new point of view, intellectual and/or physical. The Guggenheim New York can be portrayed as a whole, a part, or a collage of disconnected moments. The entry is completely flexible and adaptable to the participant’s interpretation.

Find some inspiration on our website: Re-Daw.01: Casa da Música


Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. Teams can be formed by a maximum number of 2 people. The registration fee is paid per team, regardless of how many members form it. Personal information of all the team members can be uploaded during the submission procedure of the final drawing.


Non Architecture Competitions will award only one winner, selected by the jury collectively, and 6 honourable mentions, selected by each juror individually.

All finalist are receiving a PDF copy of the Re-Draw.01: Casa da Música book, when published.


/ 1.000 euros worth in gift cards from one of the major online shops chosen by the winner
/ publication in the Non Architecture Competitions books and website
/ reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs
/ selected for the cover of the book


/ publication in the Non Architecture Competitions books and website
/ reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs


/ publication in the Non Architecture Competitions books


The organization might establish additional special prizes and awards during the competition development and in the evaluation phase.

Note: The appearence on the involved architectural platforms are subject to the agenda and availability of the external platforms involved.


18 March 2020  Competition opening
18 – 24 March 2020  Special registration period (now 15€)
25 – 31 March 2020  Early registration period (45€)
1 – 17 April 2020  Regular registration period (60€)
18 – 26 April 2020  Late registration period (75€)
18 April 2020  Submission opens
26 April 2020  Submission closes
25 – 31 May 2020  Winner’s announcement 

Considering the current world situation due to the pandemic Covid-19, we are exceptionally launching the Re-Draw Competition with a Special registration price: we are changing the registration price for the first week from 30€ to a 15€ price. This is our way to provide you with something fun to do while dealing with quarantine!

For additional info please check RE-DRAW#02 as well as the FAQ on our website.


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