The project, designed by AFSa studio concerns the extension of Monogrid’s headquarters, located in Via Vittorio Emanuele II in Florence, inside a former mattress factory.

The previous artisanal destination of the place contributes to create hybrid spaces where creativity and technology, distinctive traits of the agency, come together in an environment characterised by a lively colour palette and the use of multiple materials.

The entrance welcomes visitors and directs them via a short flight of stairs to the recreational space of the office, a central point in terms of both function and distribution.

A series of circular openings visually connect the different sections of the office, creating a play of visual rebounds between brushed steel elements, mirrored surfaces, micro-concrete and surfaces enamelled in the company colours.

The volumetrically distinct offices are lit by diffused zenithal light from the pitched roof. Carpeted flooring, iron and birch plywood furniture and artificial lighting give the spaces a calm and comfortable atmosphere, perfect for stimulating employee productivity and well-being.



Facts & Credits

Project type: Monogrid

Project title: Office architetcure

Project location: Florence, Italy

Architecture: AFSa

Project team: Antonio Acocella, Pietro Seghi

Collaborators: Francesco Martella

Area: 400 m2

Date: 2023-2024

Contractors: BS Building Solutions, Idealforme 2000, GE.SI. Impianti, Malte Storiche, Technosolar, Vetreria Romei, Ditta Modi Giannelli

Text: Provided by the authors

Photography: Nicolò Panzeri