Fala Atelier created a folly for sun and sound which recalls the nearby barracks in Brussels

Fala Atelier created a folly for sun and sound on the occasion of the Horst Music Festival in Brussels.

The structure for the Horst Music Festival by Fala Atelier doesn’t exactly decide between being a stage, a room or a plaza. It is made of a series of plateaux and four façades with distinct characters.

The overall volume recalls the nearby barracks but its language is nothing military.

Essentially made of local wood, a careful use of paint clarifies the reading of the architectural elements.

The coherence of the project is proudly loose and open to interpretation.
Green and white plywood tiles become feathers towards the outside, horizontal stripes on the inside. A metal roof welcomes guests in, protects the stage, and provides support for two disco balls.

One of the short façades looks like a rising moon, the other one recalls a white cat lying in the sun.


Facts & Credits
Project title  folly for sun and sound
Architecture  Fala Atelier
Project team   Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, Ahmed Belkhodja, Beatriz Branco, Lera Samovich, Paulo Sousa
Location   Brussels, Belgium
Year   2019
Status  public commission, built
Surface area  285m2
Client  Horst Arts & Music Festival
Photography Fala Atelier