Blue Palace, designed by 3SK Stylianidis Architects back in 2003, constitutes a luxury collection resort and spa in Elounda, Crete.


A state- of-the-art five star 520-bed luxury resort was bult in Elounda, Crete, directly opposite the island of Spinalonga, on a 93,000 m2 site. The key feature of this plot was that it was located right on the seafront and is divided by a road into two sections. The upper section is where the main volume of the buildings are constructed in an amphotheatre-like arrangement with certain buildings sunk into the hillside and with green roofs.

The design takes into account the view at the island of Spinalonga.

The communal spaces have been placed at the highest point of the site and a telepherique, which passes under the local Plaka-Elounda road, can be used to access that section of the plot which adjoints the sea. This section contains the thalassotherapy spa centre, a taverna and a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant.

In addition to the 195 main rooms, all of which have a direct view of Spinalonga island which is framed by two stone walls, there are also four villas, fifty two suites and sixteen two-storey family apartments/ family rooms, all of which have individual pools. In the lobby, the architectural vocabulary used is based on local styles borrowing elements from the Heraklion shipyards.

Facts & Credits
Project title   Blue Palace Resort & Spa
Architecture    3SK Stylianidis Architects
Type   Hotel & Leisure Housing Complex
Location    Elounda, Crete, Greece
Year   2003


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