On a peninsula on the artificial lake of Polifitos, the center was designed, to honour the memory and energy of the villages that had to be submerged in order to create the lake. The Diploma Thesis was presented by Giorgos Sketopoulos in June 2020 at the Department of Architecture of Democritus University of Thrace.
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In the center, guests can come across the history of the the place and the villages through the Folklore museum, or be able to stay and perform agricultural labor, create their own products and sell them. The project aims to fight the tense of urbanization and bring people in touch with nature and agriculture while the local economy and community is boosted and the local products are being promoted. 
The concept  was originally formed concentrated on a main route that would act as a spinal cord of the center connecting and leading to all  the main uses of the building.
This route simultaneously works as a  barrier dividing the private and public areas, while both are used by visitors. 
The green rooftop functions as a cliff in order to cover the main uses and blend more naturally to the surrounding enviroment. At the tip of the peninsula, in direct touch with the water, the folklore museum is placed.
The customers of the center can stay in bungalows of three and four people and work as farmers in the fields or the stable, attend seminars on agriculture, come closer to nature and cultivate their own products in special workshops. The products can be sold in an open market in the center of the building, covering a part of the building expenses and paying people from the local area to work in it.
Facts & Credits
Title Center of Memory and Agritourism in Polifitou Lake
Type  Diploma thesis
Student Giorgos Sketopoulos
Date June 2020
Supervisors Georgios Papagiannopoulos, Panagiotis Kokkoris, Stavros Dendrinos
University Department of Architecture, Democritus University of Thrace