On March 1st, the Design Ambassador team and Creative Lighting hosted the third 3D Athens Meetup. The monthly event aspires to create a platform for professionals from various creative industries, including architects, interior designers, and visualizers, to connect, share ideas, and explore new developments in an informal and welcoming atmosphere.

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Hosts and Organizers:

The meetup was organized by Vassilios Bartzokas, the founder of Design Ambassador and Archisearch, and Nikos Nikolopoulos, the founder and Creative Director of Creative Lighting.


Inspiring Speakers:

A diverse panel of accomplished speakers contributed their insights and experiences to the event, inspiring the attendees to hone their skills and unleash their creativity:


Spyros Hound – Founder of Spyros Hound Photography, who shared his extensive knowledge of architectural photography, capturing the essence of a space and working closely with architects and designers.

Marika Mavroleon – Design Operations Manager of A&M Architects, who delved into the intricacies of managing complex design projects and the importance of collaboration between different disciplines in the creative process.

Evangelos Velaoras & Tasos Kremydas – Co-Founders of Great Visual Studio, discussed their journey in establishing a successful visualization studio and their approach to creating striking and immersive visuals that communicate design concepts effectively.


Networking and Collaboration:

The 3D Athens Meetup provided a relaxed environment for professionals to network, collaborate, and discuss their projects, enabling them to foster new connections and partnerships. By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, the event facilitated the exchange of ideas and innovations, fueling the growth of the creative community.


Looking Ahead:

As the 3D Athens Meetup series continues, it promises to be an exciting hub for creative professionals to gather, share their experiences, and inspire one another. The event will continue to feature artists and industry leaders, ensuring the Greek creative community remains at the forefront of design and architectural trends.

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