Know-how, diversity, flexibility, and professionalism are the pillars of any substantial partnership. When it comes to interior designers and architects, there is a service that includes all four—and so much more. Technogym Interior Design supports any professional who designs spaces dedicated to Wellness: a home gym, a hotel or a residential facility, a rehabilitation center, a sports club, a company wellness area, or a  an educational institution.
Combining a wide range of high-end solutions with the expertise of the Technogym Interior Designers team, the overall result – along with the designer’s work – creates the right synergy between the environment and the training experience.
The service’s advantages are the encapsulation of more than 30 years of research and innovation. It helps the designer or architect better define the area’s layout through 2D and 3D modeling and diagrams, providing them with a preview of the end result down to the last detail. The area’s functionality (safety distances, traffic, comfort, overall user experience, etc.), aesthetics, ambiance, and identity are thoroughly mapped. 
Through virtual imaging from different points of view, alternative solutions can be studied and introduced, making each project truly unique. For more elaborate and complex projects, the Technogym Interior Design solution can include a Reference Book/ Product Catalogues and even more digital content (to choose from renderings, 360° images, etc.) in addition to the 2D and 3D elements of each product that can be shared with the Architects / Interior Designers. 
The architects’ choices in materials and color schemes define the space’s style. Starting with design choices, the Technogym Interior Design specialist studies the area’s development of the area and adapts the layout accordingly. Thanks to the high-quality renderings – that include colors, surfaces, and lighting details – both the professional and their client can better understand the project.
The Technogym Interior Design services apply to every wellness-related venue. The Home Wellness concept encourages a healthy lifestyle in the home environment through spaces that balance physical and mental health. As people are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, there is more demand for training havens – from hotels and resorts to office spaces. As a participator in seven Olympic Games and collaborator with teams and athletes worldwide, Technogym can also offer safe, high-performance design solutions that help athletes achieve their full potential. 
Technogym Interior Design is much more than a mere service. It’s a thorough and exact process that requires close collaboration between both ends, where experience, creativity, and competencies are shared. It’s a substantial partnership that meets even the highest business and ethics standards—the epitome of Technogym’s products and know-how for every architect or interior designer who looks ahead.