The Museum of Spyros Vassiliou takes great pleasure in presenting the solo exhibition of the painter Olga Alexopoulou. 
Following a decade of international presence by the artist Olga Alexopoulou, the Museum will show not only her tremendous work but also the parallel pursuits she shares with the painter Spyros Vassiliou, as is the passion for seascapes and journeys to China.
The author Alex Massavetas notes: “If Vassiliou represents a ‘return to the roots’ some generations back, Alexopoulou is an advocate of a new generation with pursuits that surpass national boundaries. A generation that, whether in Greece or abroad, is searching for roots and references simultaneously in many geographical and cultural longitudes. It is an art of abstract focus, where reality is filtered and anything deemed unnecessary is removed.
The human presence, if it’s there, it is fleeting – a ship, a smokestack, a figure that looks like an industrial instrument, indirectly refer to it. The absolute reign belongs to other elements of the inanimate and animate world – impressive shapes of mountain volumes, storms, glaciers and tempestuous seas – all depicted in the immediately recognizable colour of the natural mineral. The compositions, often abstract, on paper or porcelain, convey a riveting intensity. The final elation belongs to the art lover, who feels the cobalt landscapes of Alexopoulou pulling him or her in their outlandish world of silent explosions.”  
“In front of us solely blue horizons are opening up” writes Eleni Stamatoukou, author of ‘Blue’. She is inspired by the seascapes of Alexopoulou, and continues: “Our bodies become like the storm, our genders become high pitched whistlings that join together and our breaths become the wind that fills our insides. How tempestuous you are my darling even in your hour of blue…” 
Olga Alexopoulou is a graduate of the Ruskin School of Art of Oxford University. In the last years her works have been exhibited in museums like Nigbo in China and her solo show in the Ethnological Museum of Thrace, but also in galleries around the world. Olga was ‘Artist in Spotlight’ for 2014 at the International Exhibition Tio Ilar Athens and was chosen to represent Greece in the global graffiti event `She`s a Leader` by Women`s Forum. She has completed one of the largest graffiti in Greece for the European Maritime Day 2015 and in July she was invited to Sweden for the Street Art Österlen festival.
The Museum is located in the former atelier-home of Spyros Vassiliou, a characteristic sample of Athenian Modernism, where the artist lived and created, opposite the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, at the foot of the Acropolis. The ‘Atelier of Spyros Vassiliou’ reconstructs the creative journey of one of the most exuberant and emblematic figures of modern Greek art. It was inaugurated in 2004, with the aim to promote and highlight the work of the painter but also to preserve his archive.  
The Museum offers education and artistic workshops for children and adults.  
Opening: Thursday 24th of September 2015, at 19:30
Duration of the Exhibition: 25 September – 1 November 2015
Opening Hours: Mon. – Tues. closed
Wed. 10.00-16.00
Thur. 16.00-22.00
Sat. – Sun. 12.00-16.00
For more information:
Atelier Spyros Vassiliou | Webster 5Α, 117 42, Akropolis, Athens, Greece
tel.: 210 9231501 | e-mail: atelier@spyrosvassiliou.org
Archisearch - Olga Alexopoulou - Solo Exhibition / Spyros Vassiliou MuseumOLGA ALEXOPOULOU – SOLO EXHIBITION / SPYROS VASSILIOU MUSEUM
Archisearch - Olga Alexopoulou - Solo Exhibition / Spyros Vassiliou MuseumOLGA ALEXOPOULOU – SOLO EXHIBITION / SPYROS VASSILIOU MUSEUM