Design Ambassador & Marlon Tate create paradesian branding and advertising for a new urban neighborhood in Athens

Design Ambassador curated the new brand identity and visual language of Paradise Quarter with the art & creative direction of the Narrative driven by ad agency Marlon Tate which created a “paradesian” branding and advertising for this new urban neighborhood in Athens.
Located in the posh Athenian suburb of Marousi and next to the city’s most prominent business district, Paradise Quarter is a new and ambitious residential development placed at the instersection of urban and suburban living.

-Press Release

Consisting of a sophisticated collection of beautiful and spacious apartments, the development offers elegant living spaces, unique amenities, smart features and stunning views towards the city. Creative agency Marlon Tate —fresh off the back of working with PTE on the place narrative and branding of Eastman Village in London— was brought in to clarify, define and express the vision of this new place.

Vassilios Bartzokas and the Design Ambassador curated this project, in collaboration with the award-winning agency which claims to have offices in Athens, London, Jupiter and Mars and was founded in 2021 by pop star art director Nikos Georgopoulos, created the brand narrative, name, identity and launch campaign for the new place.

Intentionally avoiding any of the slickness typical to branding new developments, Marlon Tate’s solution instead positions Paradise Quarter as the ideal place to live.

Our first step was to name this exciting place “Paradise Quarter” to reflect its scale and create a stronger sense of place” Georgopoulos tells us. We wanted to change the narrative of smart living (because it sounds lame) into something that relates to paradise and so we created the overarching tagline ‘effortless living forever’ and everything else really took off from there”.

The resulting identity draws upon the visual language that we associate with paradise. The campaign launched with a small plane that flew around Athens’ sky with a banner featuring the tagline, positioning Paradise Quarter exactly where it is meant to exist; in the sky.

The advertising combined guerrilla, print, web and social and the account mgmt was handled by Berlin-based shop Design Ambassador.

Marlon Tate used MuirMcNeil’s hidden typographic gem “Ten Point” -a modular type system- to construct the cloud messages throughout the creative as well as Colophon Foundry’s elegant “Pin” typeface for body text.

Credits & Details

Program Management & Curation: The Design Ambassador

Client: Blue Residences

Creative Agency: Marlon Tate

Creative Director: Nikos Georgopoulos

Art Directors: Nikos Georgopoulos | Klaire Havaki | Alexander Roberts | Karina Shabanova

Typefaces: PIN Medium solid by Colophon Foundry | Cloud font by Muir Mcneil

Architecture: ISV

Country: Greece