Lighting Design Week, HUB Lighting and Innovation by Kafkas. An immersive experience, workshops event about light, from 09.12-14.12.2021 | Curated by the Design Ambassador

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Lighting experts from global leading light companies along with academics and engineers, take us to a unique journey, showcasing how light shapes impressions, emphasizes forms and enhances experiences.09-14/12/2021

In the context of its continuous development and philosophy towards innovative actions, Kafkas created a new conceptual framework dedicated to the experience of interacting with light, automation and innovation, hosted in a space of high standards.

HUB Lighting & Innovation by Kafkas captures the dynamics and vision of a modern and innovative company to provide end-to-end applications of architectural and decorative lighting as well as building automation solutions. All visitors can interact with both lighting and automation.


9 & 10.12 | The intimate side of Lighting
Anastasia Philippopoulou | Architectural Lighting, MSc Light and Lighting UCL, Architect NTUA
S2PiA architects – Panos Papassotiriou | BA(Hons) DipArch(Hons) ARB RIBA
Light as an element to narrate architecture. Light lays emphasis, prioritizes, underlines architectural design in order to bring out the best out of space, scale, construction, materials. Light renders colours, releases textures, creates volume. Light connects to place and time. Spaces are characterized according to lighting. Intimate places resist to homogenius, diffuse lighting. Scale and proximity defines personal space.

11 & 12.12 | Lighting landscapes
Dr Antonis Skordilis | Landscape Architect, Doctor of Plant Ecology UA,
DANILOF light + perception – Thanos Danilof |  Architectural Lighting Designer

Nights-capes formulated through light. At night the story of the landscape is narrated by lighting. Light re-evaluates depth and volume of space. Light generates motion. Light is the element to create new interrelations between background and foreground. Light modulates perception. Light navigates. Darkness allows view. Presence and absence. A coherent unity that unveils the mystery of a landscape… just like walking under the moonlight.

11 & 12.12 | Daylight as a source of design inspiration
Dr Doulos Labros | Associate Professor, Lighting technology in human centric environment
Mariza Galani | Lighting Designer
As we spent 80% of our time in interior environment, artificial light has a dominant role to deliver qualities like movement, orientation, color, intensity, feeling in order to create a perfect bond between us and nature. Technology is the facilitator to breathe life into lighting, bringing the right light at the right time. Artificial lighting communicating natural phenomena, imitates the cycle of day in order to enhance the circadian rhythm and entrain our body into a geophysical 24-h day. Lighting embodying automation ameliorates working conditions and creates flexible scenarios that provide a better living and a pleasant indoor environment.

13 & 14.12 | Lighting for Emotion
eDje – Julie Spartinou Patroni | Architect, RIBA III Ma RCA Arch. Ba(Hons) TEE
Katerina Skalkou | Architect MSc AUTH, Mphil NTUA, Lighting designer MA HOU, Adjunct Professor
Christina Thanassoula | Stage Lighting designer, MA (RCSSD), BA (EKPA)
“Light in the plate”. The restaurant is theatre. Light in the plate is the idea to locate light only on the scene. Light is never trivial and it is always used in a theatrical way. It is a cinematographic light. Characters seem to be coming out from darkness. Food is illuminated in a wonderful way and faces of people are illuminated in a indirect way upwards. Sensuality becomes the fundamental component of the project and light becomes an ingredient of the kitchen.

Arkoslight Thursday 9.12
Arkoslight & Friday 10.12
Intralight Saturday 11.12
Intralight & Sunday 12.12
Davide Groppi Monday 13.12
Davide Groppi Tuesday 14.12


When 18:00-21:00
Where 517 Vouliagmenis Av. Ilioupoli, Athens

Due to COVID restrictions, a max number of 20 guests per day is allowed in our premises.
Please, make sure to book your attendance by emailing the names of the attendees and the workshop you are interested in. Companies that want to reserve more than 1 slots, they can make a maximum of 4 reservations.

How to book
By e-mail: [email protected] by the 28th of November

Health Notice
All participants must be vaccinated and bearing the relevant certificate on the date of the event, in order to enter the premises.

Με την παρουσία κορυφαίων brands φωτιστικών όπως η Arkoslight, η Intra lighting, η Lombardo και η Davide Groppi, το HUB Lighting & Innovation by Kafkas σε συνεργασία με την Design Ambassador, διοργανώνει από τις 9/12 μέχρι και τις 14/12 τη Lighting Design Week, ένα exclusive event με στόχο να προσφέρει μία συναρπαστική εμπειρία στον κόσμο του σύγχρονου φωτισμού, αναδεικνύοντας την άρρηκτη σχέση μεταξύ αρχιτεκτονικής φόρμας, καθημερινής ζωής και του φωτισμού.

Lighting Design Week: Workshops από τους κορυφαίους προμηθευτές και ειδικούς του φωτισμού, στο HUB Lighting & Innovation by Kafkas

Συγκεκριμένα, στις 6 ημέρες που θα διαρκέσει, θα καλυφθούν οι παρακάτω θεματικές ενότητες:

9 & 10.12 | The intimate side of Lighting, με ομιλητές την Αναστασία Φιλιπποπούλου – Architectural Lighting και Πάνο Παπασωτηρίου – S2PiA architects.

11 & 12.12 | Lighting landscapes, με ομιλητές τον Δρ Αντώνη Σκορδίλη – Landscape Architect, Doctor of Plant Ecology UA και τον Θάνο Danilof – Architectural Lighting Designer
11 & 12.12 | Daylight as a source of design inspiration, με ομιλητές τον Δρ Λάμπρο Δούλο – Associate Professor, Lighting technology in human centric environment και την Μαρίζα Γαλάνη – Lighting Designer.

13 & 14.12 | Lighting for Emotion, με ομιλήτριες την Ιουλία Σπαρτινού Πατρώνη – Architect, RIBA III Ma RCA Arch. Ba(Hons) TEE, την Κατερίνα Σκάλκου – Architect MSc AUTH, Mphil NTUA, Lighting designer MA HOU, Adjunct Professor και την Χριστίνα Θανάσσουλα – Stage Lighting designer, MA (RCSSD), BA (EKPA).

Τα workshops, που θα πραγματοποιηθούν με περιορισμένο αριθμό ατόμων, θα πλαισιώνονται από θεματικά event σχετικά με τη θεματολογία της κάθε ημέρας, ενδυναμώνοντας περαιτέρω το βιωματικό στοιχείο στο φωτισμό.

O χώρος του HUB, μοναδικός στην Ελλάδα και από τους πιο καινοτόμους στην Ευρώπη, δημιουργήθηκε από την ΚΑΥΚΑΣ και παρουσιάζει όλες τις πρωτοποριακές τεχνολογίες, εφαρμογές και end to end λύσεις στον τομέα του φωτισμού και του κτιριακού αυτοματισμού και αποτελεί ήδη σημείο αναφοράς και κόμβο συνάντησης αρχιτεκτόνων, μελετητών, σχεδιαστών εσωτερικών χώρων, τεχνικών εταιρειών, τελικών πελατών και επενδυτών καθώς και ξενοδόχων που ενδιαφέρονται για κορυφαίες λύσεις φωτισμού και αυτοματισμών.

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HUB Lighting & Ιnnovation by Kafkas, Λ. Βουλιαγμένης 517, 163 41 Ηλιούπολη.