DG Arquitecto studio redesigned the interior of a small apartment in Cabanyal, Valencia, and transformed it into a colorful, bright apartment that blends in with the identity of this Valencian seaside neighborhood. 

-text by the authors

The challenge the architects faced in this project was to transform through a reform a small space without light, very compartmentalized, with great humidity problems, due to its proximity to the sea, into a bright, colorful, integrated into the traditional Valencian neighborhood of Cabanyal apartment.

The original house was very dark, so it was decided to create a large opening to the outside and enhance the small interior patio by creating two large windows that illuminate the most important rooms of the apartment. This small patio that was totally unused becomes an important part of the new house.

The most characteristic element of this small courtyard is the lattice. This lattice, characteristic of the beach area of the Valencian Community, helps to achieve privacy with respect to the neighbors and to create a pleasant patio space where you can have breakfast, disconnect, etc.

The apartment that is located on the ground floor, consists of a large kitchen and living room space, a bedroom, and a bathroom. An exempt wardrobe welcomes us upon entering. This helps to delimit the different areas of the day space and to make the entrance area independent.

The rest of the storage spaces materialize as holes in the walls covered with blue ceramic material. The use of ceramic material helps us to integrate the project into the neighborhood, as this is a very characteristic element of the area.

The ceramic material, in this case is orange, which the architects also use on the floor of the entire apartment.

The team believes it is very important that each intervention carried out blends in with the surroundings, and that users feel identified with the place through the space they inhabit.


Credits & Details

Architecture & interior design: DG – Estudio

Project: Apartment restoration

Project type: Interior design

Project location: Valencia, Spain

Photography: Mariela Apollonius

Construction: STR Technical solutions , works and rehabilitation