Urban Soul Project designed Mr. Tortoise, a premium eyewear retailer situated in a petite corner store in Soho, London that houses its selection of frames from design brands from all over.

-text by the authors

The capsule store has a corner glass frame facade, with a round edge, that maximized natural light, but minimized display area. Eyewear stands were placed against the walls, slightly rotated so that the shelves would be visible from the passing pedestrian as well.

The glass facade was treated as a shopfront and a retail display at the same time. Each of the shop front displays is designed to conform with needs of the optics store, such as mirrors, shelves and storage.

Fine materials are used with a stone finish floor, walnut veneer, and marble in details of custom features. 

Facts & Credits
Project title  Mr Tortoise
Design  Urban Soul Project
Location  London, United Kingdom
Project year  2020
Photography  Kimberley Powell