Located in the quiet area of Papagou, this new built apartment is designed by Dimitra Poulok – space.oddity.studio, completed in December 2023 and aims to be as minimal as it gets in order to reflect serenity as a way of living.

In Spanish ‘Mira’ means ‘Look’, but in this case Mira is also the name of the beloved dog of the owners.

Functional minimalism can better describe the concept for this flat, in order to achieve maximum storage in the most subtle expression.

The kitchen has been designed in an effort to avoid free standing cupboards by making the island one of the main features of the space. The textured worktop in white, stands out by creating a curved surface which unifies the living area by giving the impression of a bigger space. The off-white tones flow on textures and finishes in a seamless way and there are no abundant elements. The laundry facilities are hidden within the corridor, while the walk-in room makes the best use of space in order to cover the tenants needs.

The bathroom design creates the appropriate contrast for this concept. The tiles with the geometrical pattern co-exist with the earthy tones of the walls, the ‘brushed nickel’ sanitary finishes as well as the marble-made sink. A ‘clutter free’ approach is applied here too with the use of the mirror cabinet for storage. The shelves of the sink can be added in order to create usable surface area.

Pairing functionality with aesthetic appeal is the driving force for every room of this project. 

Facts & Credits
Project title: MIRA
Typology: Interior design in a new built flat
Location: Papagou, Athens, Greece
Architectural & Interior Design : Dimitra Poulok – space.oddity.studio | Space Oddity Styling : Dimitra Poulok
Photography: Dimitris Papalois
Text: provided by the architects